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Intellectual Property Rights

Personal Consultations on Intellectual Property

An experienced team of experts for intellectual property will help you to answer questions in the field of intellectual property.

Knowledge of intellectual property (IP), ENABLES YOU TO:

• OPERATE FREELY on the market: by protecting trademarks, inventions, models and copyright, the rights to exploiting IP are secured and potential lawsuits by third parties avoided.

• LEGAL PROTECTION OF RIGHTS AGAINST COPYING products/services and the misuse of trade secrets and copyright. ENFORCING your rights in cases of unlawful interference with them.

• ADDITIONAL REVENUE: gained through licensing, sale or other transactions involving intellectual property rights.

• BUILDING A STRONG BRAND: the protection and use of IP rights with the introduction of new products on the market and for the purpose of marketing communication, greater reputation and as a sign of credibility.

• OBTAINING FINANCE and VENTURE CAPITAL – trademarks, models, patents can be evaluated, used in negotiations and for the acquisition of financial assets.

• ETC.

There are currently no consulting sessions. Please, follow our website and Facebook profile for new dates.