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3rd Forget Heritage Local Info Day in Slovenia

The 3rd Slovene Forget Heritage Project Information Day was held in Vodnikova domačija Šiška (Vodnik’s Homestead) in Ljubljana on 18th June 2019. It was dedicated to the presentations of the Writers’ Hub Model and the Web App “OffSpaces”.

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR), partner in the project, and Divja misel, Manager of Vodnik’s Homestead and Pilot Manager of the Writers’ Hub, were working closely with the City of Ljubljana, the owner of the cultural heritage building, in setting up the new coworking space. In August 2018, after necessary infrastructure works and purchase of the ICT equipment, the coworking space was ready to receive first residents.

In the first year of operation of the Writers’ Hub a support programme for young people from the age of 15 to 29 years was also implemented – workshops, a mentoring programme and various presentation events of the participants of the programme.

Lilijana Madjar, Directress of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, spoke about importance of a close cooperation between public and private sectors; in our case among RRA LUR, City of Ljubljana and Divja misel. As the Pilot Action Writers’ Hub has been a successful story so far, it could serve as the best practice for other cultural heritage buildings in the Ljubljana Urban Region, especially as there have been more than 30 houses – birthplaces of Slovene poets and/or writers – in the Ljubljana Urban Region.

Attendees were greeted also by Mateja Demšič, Head of the Department for Culture in the City of Ljubljana. Mateja Demšič emphasized the role of the Writers’ Hub in the city and the important role of Divja misel in the field of literature.

Nataša Mršol, Project Manager of Forget Heritage, RRA LUR, presented results of the Forget Heritage project. The presentation was followed by the video, shot in Pécs in January 2019 with the Lead Partner, WPT3 Leader and Pilot Managers, sharing their impressions and experiences.

Presentation of the management model for a cultural heritage site 

Tina Popovič, Directress of Divja misel, the CCI operator of Vodnik’s Homestead and the Pilot Manager of the Writers’ Hub, presented the whole process in a life of a cultural heritage site: a historical context, a dialogue and balance between the past and the future, the needs of the present use, designing of a programme, possible traps, designing of space, a (possible) management model and challenges. Furthermore, she presented steps of the development of the Writers’ Hub – from the initial idea till the realization, what was necessary to do, who to involve, financial issues etc.

After the presentation a video about the Writers’ Hub was shown. It just confirmed a successful cooperation of all three organizations in developing the Writers’ Hub in Ljubljana.

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