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CREA Hospitality Programme

Practical information for participants of CREA Ljubljana 2016

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About Us

We introduce creativity into various fields of social action.

With its vision of operation, the Regional Centre of Creative Economy (RCKE) actively contributes to the introduction of creativity in the public and private sectors.

With training courses, workshops, consultations and other events, it motivates creatives, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and policy-makers, education and research institutions as well as non-government organizations, training them for their more effective and efficient (co)operation, thereby promoting the development of a creative, innovative and (internationally) competitive environment.

Through the setting up of complex value chains, the Centre participates in the development of products and services with high added value, which makes life better and more pleasant for the end user.

RCKE operates under the auspices of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR).