Creativity drives innovation

We believe that cultural and creative industries in Europe have a high potential to link up with other industry sectors and boost economic and social development by empowering innovation processes with creative inputs.

About Us

We introduce creativity into various fields of social action.

With its vision of operation, the Regional Centre of Creative Economy (RCKE) actively contributes to the introduction of creativity in the public and private sectors.

With training courses, workshops, consultations and other events, it motivates creatives, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and policy-makers, education and research institutions as well as non-government organizations, training them for their more effective and efficient (co)operation, thereby promoting the development of a creative, innovative and (internationally) competitive environment.

Through the setting up of complex value chains, the Centre participates in the development of products and services with high added value, which makes life better and more pleasant for the end user.

RCKE operates under the auspices of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR).


We introduce creativity into the various segments of society with the aim of achieving social and economic innovation (of products, services and processes). Through top local and foreign experts, we pass knowledge and skills on to creatives, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and policy-makers, education and research institutions as well as non-government organizations, which are necessary for their interdisciplinary integration and creative solutions to societal and business challenges.


We aim to become one of the leading service providers in the development of a creative ecosystem within an international environment. We intend to keep abreast of and set new trends of introducing and using creativity in the public and private sectors for their more efficient and effective operation.


Nataša Mršol

Project Manager I
Project Management, Organization of Events
T +386 1 306 1914
M +386 51 696 205

Nataša Mršol is a university graduate geographer and sociologist with extensive experience in the field of management and implementation of international and regional projects. From 2010 onwards, the contents of the projects are mainly related to the cultural and creative industries (CCI). In the projects CREATIVE CITIES and the Regional Centre of Creative Economy, the focus was on design, connecting designers with industry and the local community. In the FORGET HERITAGE project and its upgrade, ForHeritage, she has been working on the revitalization of cultural heritage buildings with contents from the fields of CCI and on better management of these buildings in cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Tina Pezdirc Nograšek

Project Manager I
Service and Product Design, Business Chains, Organization of Events, Preparation of Strategic Documents
T + 386 1 306 19 21
M + 386 51 472 541

Tina Pezdirc Nograšek is an architect/designer with a degree from the Faculty of Architecture and a master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She manages projects within RCKE that promote the understanding of design as a discipline and a way of thinking, which is highly focused on solving problems and can contribute significantly to the restructuring of larger systems, organizations and public institutions. At the same time, her goal is to highlight the role that design plays in developing new economic and social value through project cooperation and involvement of different participants as well as the achievement of successful outcomes.

Barbara Boh

Project Manager I
RCKE Communication Support
T + 386 1 306 19 20

At RCKE, Barbara Boh primarily provides communication support to ongoing projects. After graduating in Sociology, she has focused on the field of communication, organization of events and promotion, for which she has been responsible in various industries (tourism, ecology, media, publishing and public relations).

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