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Terms of Use

Regional Centre for Creative Economy (RCCE) – General Conditions of use of the website

RCCE was established by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, which also manages the website

These General Conditions describe, determine and regulate the use of the web site of the Regional Centre for Creative Economy (hereinafter RCCE) which is the property of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (hereinafter RDA LUR).

By entering this web site and any of its sub-sites respectively, you agree to be bound by the General Conditions. If you disagree in whole or in part with the General Conditions, we suggest you do not browse or use the web site in any other way

RDA LUR reserves the right, without prior notification, to modify any part of the website, except as stated in the text which follows.

In the case of citing or further use of the materials of the RCCE website, the source www.rcke.sishould be given, as well as the author’s name and surname if they are indicated on the RCCE website. Links to the RCCE website on websites containing illicit or immoral content may not be created. Upon request from RDA LUR, such links shall immediately be removed from the website in question.

Except as stated above, the contents and/or the logo of this website may not be reproduced, distributed or republished on other websites or in other media in any form or by any means without the prior express written permission of the RDA LUR Public Institute.

In using the website it is prohibited to:

  • Carry out and/or promote any kind of activities contrary to law.
  • Divulge materials containing and/or promoting discrimination of any kind.
  • Use this website for advertising not in compliance with the other rules on the use of the RCCE website as defined by RDA LUR.

Some services on the RCCE website are enabled exclusively for registered users. These services are free of charge unless stated otherwise.

If a user infringes the rules of use of the website, their registration at this site may be cancelled. Registration may also be cancelled if the above-stated prohibitions are infringed.If the terms and conditions of use of the website are breached, RDA LUR reserves the right to block access from a particular web address, and the application of all legal remedies and rights.


Contents published on the site and sub-sites of the RCCE may be viewed. Without the prior express written permission of RDA LUR, the contents may not be reproduced, modified, copied, republished or distributed for commercial purposes. For the purpose of non-commercial use, the publication of the contents of the RCCE site is permitted, provided the source and the author (if the latter is indicated) are correctly cited. In cases of any permitted use of the contents of this website, all copyright notices and industrial property rightmarkings shall be preserved.


By uploading their own contents to the RCCE website, users permit public posting of these contents (works) within the website. It is the responsibility of RDA LUR to regulate access to the posted material in compliance with the policy of the website. When posting material on the site, the rules stated on the website itself shall be observed. Users may not request any compensation for the publication of the provided contents. If any damages might arise from the posting of the content by the user, it is the exclusive responsibility of the user who posted the contents on the site. Any of the users’ postings on the site which infringe any of the stated terms and conditions may be removed by RDA LUR.

RDA LUR accepts no responsibility for the materials published within the contents and services of the website. RDA LUR accepts no responsibility for their accuracy or completeness. All users use the published contents at their own risk. The user expressly undertakes and assumes liability to use the portal’s services exclusively and solely in a way that does not infringe the rights (copyrights, personal rights and other rights) of third parties. It is prohibited to post material featuring third parties and/or copyrighted contents from third parties without their consent to publication on the RCCE website. The responsibility for consent rests with the user posting the content on the site. The contents posted shall also not infringe the rights of third persons. A user posting contents confirms that he/she is the author and/or the copyright holder of the contents posted.


In order to use certain sections of the RCCE website, users are required to register and create a username and password. The registration is possible when a sufficient portion of the registration form has been completed. By registering, you agree that your personal data provided in the process of registration are used in the way and for the purposes described below.

RDA LUR undertakes to carefully protect your personal data acquired through the registration process and to not disclose them to third parties except in compliance with the policy of this website, which is defined as a hub for creatives from creative industries and businesses. In such cases, the selected data may be shared among target groups.

The personal data provided by the user in the process of registration may be used to inform the user about topics and activities associated with the RCCE website and RDA LUR respectively. The user’s personal data may also be used to check whether the user uses the RCCE website in compliance with the General Conditions.

The personal data will be collected, processed and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act.


RDA LUR shall make every effort to provide contents based upon accurate and up-to-date data. However, since the contents are of an informative nature, it cannot guarantee or accept any responsibility for their accuracy and completeness, which especially holds for contents uploaded by users.

All users use the published content at their own risk. RDA LUR shall not be held responsible for the occasional inaccessibility of the website, possible inaccuracy of information or any damages resulting from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information

The RCCE website also contains links to websites not under the control of RDA LUR.Therefore, the latter does not warrant or take responsibility for the contents and/or the accuracy of the contents on these websites. The use of the websites operated by other entities is subject to the terms of use of those sites

RDA LUR may change the terms of use of the website www.rcke.siwithout prior notice. By using this website, the user agrees to the General Conditions and their modifications as and when required. In the case of modifications directly affecting the user’s experience of registered users on the website, or the treatment of their personal data, these modifications will be published on the website

RDA LUR reserves the right to store information on the user’s computer in cookies or similiar data files for the purpose of adapting the website to the users’ wishes.

The users agree that the use of this website and these General Conditions shall be subject only to the laws of the Republic of Slovenia, which shall exclusively govern their interpretation.

The Court in Ljubljana shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims or disputes arising in relation to, out of, or in connection with, this website

Last update 15. 9. 2015


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