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Conceptual Drafts

The exhibition of conceptual drafts for furniture products of the Connecting Design and Industry business chain

An exhibition of 25 conceptual drafts for new furniture products that were produced within the business chain of industrial designers and furniture companies was held in the Central Atrium of Ljubljana Town Hall in May and June 2012. The exhibition was opened on Monday, 28 May at 6 pm by Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, prof. Janez Koželj. He initially reminded the visitors to the opening of the longstanding tradition of the furniture industry in Slovenia and the successful furniture products, such as the Rex chair, which had already achieved great success on international markets in the past. However, in order to be successful also in times of global competitiveness, it is crucial that designers and other creatives within the creative industries are included into the creation of new products. “Designers and all other creatives within the creative industries are important protagonists of progress. They have different cognitive abilities and ways of providing solutions, which propel us forward. Nowadays, it is even more important to include them into the economic development of the city, region and state through various projects,” explained prof. Janez Koželj. The visitors to the opening ceremony were also welcomed by prof. dr. Julijana Kristl, Vice-Rector of the University of Ljubljana and Mojca Škrinjar, State Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport. Both representatives, of the University and the Ministry, agreed that these kinds of projects involving young talents and the economy significantly contribute to Slovenia’s development.

25 conceptual drafts for furniture products

The exhibited conceptual drafts offer innovative solutions for furniture products, such as beds, tables, didactic children’s playgrounds, lights and upholstered furniture. The conceptual solutions have the potential to be developed into functional, aesthetic and successful business products in the subsequent steps of the business chain. The exhibition was the result of many months of work by the interdisciplinary teams, which was followed by the further steps of creating the prototypes to the drafts.

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