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Hello, futures!

The possibilities are many, and they lead to many different futures; and though the rudiments of these possibilities exist in the present, many unknowns remain—the potentials of the future, the global movements and strategic orientations—and those of us whose work is to create and produce the tomorrow need to face these unknowns today. This is especially true for creatives and those who work with advanced technologies.

The Hello, futures! project therefore focuses on the importance of reflecting on how the possible futures can be understood, and more importantly, how to actively establish strategies for shaping the future of society and companies capable of thriving in a co-created future.

Speculative design questions the practice of design and aims to offer alternatives that are essential for the world of today and more importantly, the world of tomorrow. The design processes can encourage interrogation of prevailing assumptions and invite exploration of other, alternative states of being and doing. Design practices involving speculative approaches are becoming more critical towards themselves by looking outwards beyond the gallery space and engaging with communities to produce “lasting” and “effective” outcomes. These practices are intended not to be only about creating futures but also, and importantly, about foregrounding the perspective (e.g. socio-cultural context) from which those futures are created.

A lecture by the renowned Croatian lecturers Ivica Mitrović and Oleg Šuran will begin with the outline, dealing with past, present and future of the speculative design and related practices.  The session will also give an overview of this particular approach, describing the design process (with the methods, tools, and techniques employed) in the selected case studies from their personal practice and from the perspective of the SpeculativeEdu project.

The live webinar will take place on the Zoom platform on 1 March 2021, beginning at 10 AM (CET).


10:00–10:10 Welcome speech and COCO4CCI project introduction
10:10–10:55 Overview of the practice (past, present, future, context)
10:55–11.10 Discussion
11:10–11.20 Short break
11:20–12:05 Approach: process, methods, tools; presented via case studies and based on recent SpeculativeEdu findings
12:05–12:20 Discussion
12:20–12:30 Closing remarks

The workshop is the last part of the »Hello, futures« thrilogy and is a follow-up to the lecture on speculative design, which was given by Phil Balagtas in September 2020 (https://www.rcke.si/video).

You are cordially invited to register!

Ivica Mitrović

Ivica Mitrović

Ivica Mitrović is an assistant professor at the department of Visual Communications Design at the Arts Academy in Split, where he teaches Interaction Design and Interactive Media Design. Since 2001, he has been working on the promotion of new design disciplines such as Interaction Design and Critical and Speculative Design. Together with Oleg Šuran, he was selected as curator for the presentation of the Republic of Croatia at the XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano, “The 21st Century. Design After Design” (2016). He was also co-editor of the accompanying booklet Speculative – Post-Design Practice or New Utopia?. His current focus is tracking and developing new and emerging Speculative Design practices and educational methods as coordinator of the European Erasmus+ project SpeculativeEdu.

Oleg Šuran

Oleg Šuran

Oleg Šuran is an associate and teaching assistant for Visual Communications and Interaction Design at the Arts Academy, University of Split. He also freelances. Oleg is a renowned and award-winning Croatian interaction design practitioner. In 2013–14, he was member of UrbanIxD, Coordination Action project for the European Commission under the Future and Emerging Technologies programme, which focussed on the design of urban interactions.

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