Policy Handbook

An overview of the collected current legislation at a local, regional and national level in the field of cultural heritage

The handbook outlines the respective national practice for the protection and utilization of monuments and cultural heritage. It names the actors and lists opportunities and arguments for the financial support of such projects. The handbook helps to familiarize one with the subject matter and introduces some approaches and processes. It demonstrates that other partner cities are confronted with similar problems and tries to summarize successful solutions for the valorization of cultural heritage. In short, it offers an opportunity to address the topic and provides an initial orientation for local policy makers wanting to approach the revitalization of historical assets through the settlement of CCI and according to smart and PPC criteria.

Furthermore, it underlines the central importance of the creative and cultural industries in creating and implementing new solutions for the conversion of unused heritage buildings and demonstrates the countless opportunities for urban development that arise in this context.

The document was designed in the framework of EU project Forget Heritage.

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