Distribution of creativity

Research on the distribution of creativity in selected municipalities of Ljubljana urban region

The Regional Center for Creative Economy, in cooperation with Jani Kozina and colleagues from the Anton Melik Geographical Institute ZRC SAZU, prepared a survey on the spatial distribution of creativity (i.e. creators and creative activities) in selected municipalities of the Ljubljana urban region. Creativity is an increasingly important precondition for economic development in the developed world, as it leads to innovation, technological and business improvements and greater competitiveness. Thus, more and more regions and cities are relying on creative professions and / or activities to achieve economic development and growth.

The analysis shows that one of the ways of general economic growth of municipalities is to attract:

  • a) people with creative professions and
  • b) companies engaged in creative activities.

More findings can be found in the document: Spatial distribution of creative industries in Ljubljana Urban Region

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