The Bureau of European Design Associations

BEDA’s mission is similar to RCKE’s, as the network is focused on promoting design as a tool for industrial and societal innovation. The association connects almost 50 design promoting organisations from 25 European countries.

Cooperating with concurring European design promotion entities from BEDA enables RCKE to exchange information, ideas and knowledge at a European level as well as develop joint projects with other network members. In addition, membership in BEDA provides RCKE with additional access to relevant actors in the field of design and to European institutions. Through the network and its members RCKE keeps up-to-date with EU’s strategic direction in the field of design and at the same time has an opportunity to co-develop/co-shape design policy at a regional, national, and European level.

International cooperation/strong (specialized and interdisciplinary) partnerships within the network, hence enable the creative centre to transfer ideas, good practices and experience from abroad to Slovenia – and vice versa; as well as a collective approach in introducing design to public and private institutions (also at a European policy level). Through BEDA membership RCKE thus creates synergies and has both greater economic and social impact.

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