The main project objective is to build upon the results of 4 previous EU projects (FORGET HERITAGE, RESTAURA, IFISE and CLIC), bringing them into implementation phase and putting them together in order to foster an integrated approach to heritage management in the various stages of planning, implementation and financing. This can only be achieved through enhanced capacities of public and private actors dealing with the protection and management of cultural heritage and resources.


Better protected and managed cultural heritage sites in Central Europe.
Implemented training sessions for public and private stakeholders that will implement tools from the 4 EU projects dealing with heritage management and financing.
Implemented management plans and business / financing plans, including PPP/PPC projects.

Project partners:

Westpomeraniavoivodeship, Poland
Foundation for landscape protection, Poland
Regional develeopment agency of  Ljubljana urban region, Slovenia
Institute for economic research, Slovenia
City of Rijeka, croatia
Institute for development and international relations, Croatia
Finpiemonte, Italy
City of Cuneo, Italy

More information:





Total budget: 867.925,00 EUR

Budget for RRA LUR: 82.600,00 EUR

Co-financing EU for RRA LUR: 70.210,00 EUR (85 %)

Project duration:

1st March 2020 – 28th February 2022

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