Creative Companies in Alpine Space

CCAlps is a project whose main objective is to create a real and a virtual network of hubs in the Alps, where creativity and innovation are placed into the fore. The second objective of the project is to increase the involvement of the creative industries in the socio-economic development of the region. Besides this, the project connects and promotes co-operation between the creative industries, small and medium-sized companies and research institutions for the promotion of scientific research, building up an exchange of knowledge and tools for the transfer of technologies using the so-called “bottom-up” approach. The project supports the acquisition of new knowledge in the field of the creative industries, promotes the services of small and medium-sized companies in this field and their improvement by identifying technological and financial needs, raises awareness of policy-makers and encourages the use of rules and regulations for making use of these experiences in practice. With these measures, it aims to achieve the following objectives: to consolidate the presence of the creative industries in the Alps region; to promote the development of innovation through connections between the creative industries, small and medium-sized companies, research centres and other major players in this field; to improve access to the sources of knowledge and research services in the Alpine region and to promote strategic partnerships, including those with appropriate participants in order to bring to fruition the main challenges of development within the region.

The Slovenian Partner in the Project

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)

Expected Project Results

  • Virtual platform (web 2.0): where each national hub will be linked with a transnational network. The platform will include interactive flow charts in order to aid understanding of the relationship between the sectors of small and medium-sized companies.
  • Events: will contribute to the promotion and expansion of the creative industries with strong connections with the policy-makers.
  • Transnational meta-hubs: these will result in transnational schemes of business networks of the creative industries connected to small and medium-sized companies, research centres and local institutions.
  • Pilot projects: each participating country will develop a creative camp (“CreativeCamp”), which will include participants from the field of the creative industries, small and medium-sized companies, local institutions and universities in an actual project. “CreativeCamp” will include a variety of activities: training, planning and development as well as promotion. The results will include: new services or new strategies for the hubs and transnational policies.

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