Creative Cities

Creative Cities

The main purpose of the CREATIVE CITIES project was: to utilize and promote the potentials of the creative industries to increase competitiveness and attractiveness of Central European cities.

The Project Objectives were as Follows:

  • To improve the framework conditions for the creative industries
  • To set up a cluster of creative industries
  • To promote the entrepreneurial skills and competitiveness of the creative industries
  • To improve the outward appearance of the creative industries through transnational marketing and networking
  • To exploit the potential of the creative industries for the regeneration of degraded urban areas

In addition, we have, together with our partners, contributed to the debate on the legislation in this field (Green Paper on the Cultural and Creative Industries) and have prepared recommendations for other cities wishing to promote the potential of the creative industries. In this aspect, the transnational co-operation of five comparable Central European cities and the close co-operation with the EUROCITIES association of European cities played an important role.

The cities of Gdansk, Genoa, Leipzig, Ljubljana and Pécs were all involved in the project, with political backing to integrate the project results into their local plans and strategies. The listed cities are also working together after the completion of the project, since a contract on long-term cooperation was signed between the individual centres of the creative industries (Cluster Contact Points), which will allow for creative team meetings, participation in international competitions, education and participation in various events.

The Slovenian Partners in the Project:

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)

Institute for Economic Research (IER)

Results of the Creative Cities Project:

  • SWOT analysis: The status of the creative industries in Ljubljana
  • International conference Creative Cities: Opportunities, Policies and Places
  • Regional Centre of Creative Economy – RCKE
  • Connecting design and industry: Interdisciplinary business chain of industrial designers and furniture companies
  • An exhibition of the draft outlines of the business chain
  • Connecting design and industry events at the Ambient 2011 and Ambient 2012 fairs
  • Presentation of the prototypes of the business chain at the Ambient 2012 fair
  • Promotion of Slovenian creatives from the creative industries at events in the partner cities of the Creative Cities project
  • The Potentials of Creative Urban Regeneration study
  • An Example of Creative Regeneration in a Selected Part of Ljubljana study
  • RCKE website

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