Online Publication Connecting Creative Hubs of Ljubljana

Kreazin is an online publication connecting creative hubs of Ljubljana urban region and presenting the developments in the region’s creative scene. It is a joint project of several creative hubs of the Ljubljana urban region. Kreazin provides a platform for cooperation and communication among hubs themselves as well as their communication with a wider public at a regional, national, and international level. The publication was developed within CCAlps (an EU funded project) and RCKE (a regional project). The initiator of Kreazin (RCKE) and other founding members (Coworking Slovenia, DUKZ, prostoRož, Creative Zone Šiška, MAO, Service Design Slovenia, RogLab and RTO) identified common needs, knowledge, resources, and opportunities of hubs at a workshop named Bottom(s) up. Among the drafts of different services that hub members had co-designed within the workshop, a service of a web based magazine was chosen as the one that would be implemented. Kreazin was first issued in July 2014, when Creative Mornings joined as well. It remains open to additional hubs wishing to cooperate.

The publication is bilingual (Slovene and English), which enhances joint presentation of the Ljubljana creative scene to the international public. Kreazin reflects the changes in the Ljubljana creative scene. The concept and implementation of the web site was supported by RCKE through the two above mentioned projects (CCalps and RCKE). The concept of Kreazin was developed by Ana Osredkar and Luka Piškorič based on the workshop results. Kreazin was designed by Karlo Medjugorac. The programming was executed by Aljaž Jeraj from MMstudio, while the publication was edited by Ana Eterović. Editorial board consist of the representatives of the hubs and RCKE. It includes: Aidan Cerar (RCKE), Tea Pristolič (RogLab), Maša Cvetko (KD ProstoRož), Luka Piškorič (Poligon Creative Centre), and Miha Artnak (Šiška Creative Zone).

Kreazin is supported by Regional Centre of Creative Economy (RCKE). The community co-creation process, which resulted in Kreazin, was led by Tina Pezdirc Nograšek and Aidan Cerar from RCKE. They both thoroughly enjoyed cooperating with creative communities.

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