Culture and Creative Industries Cooperation Colider

The Culture and Creative Industry (CCI) sector lacks a transnationally and cross-sectoral shared vision on what could be the contribution of CCI to economic and social growth in Central Europe. This goes along with a lack of capacities in CCI to link up with other industry sectors to foster innovation processes.

COCO4CCI objective is to tackle this challenge and build capacities among CCI for cross-sectoral cooperation in technology and innovation oriented sector, in Advanced Manufacturing (AVM), by creating a transnational CCI collider network.

The Slovenian Partner in the Project

Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Lead Partner

Expected Project Results

  • Based on a mapping of CCIs potential and a roadmap, COCO4CCI will develop the CCI collider concept, in which CCI hubs and business support organisations (BSO) work in tandem, complementing each other with knowledge and experiences from its sector.
  • COCO’s trained facilitators will implement an extensive online and face2face training programme for CCI in three areas: technology development, future trends and mindset in Advanced Manufacturing.
  • COCO4CCI will develop tools to initiate and facilitate cross-sectoral linkinging up between CCI and AVM. CCI will participate in different match-making formats with AVM companies, applying open and innovative methods as design thinking, resulting in cross-sectoral cooperations.
  • Sustainability and transferability is at the heart of COCO4CCI. The collider tandems develop an action (business) plan for the operation of the collider after project end. With a better understanding of tools useful for triggering innovation processes in CCI and AVM, we prepare a transnational COCO4CCI network strategy, identifying drivers of CCI development and supporting a better and more efficient exploitation of the economic and social potential of CCI in Central Europe.

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