A to B: Ljubljana

Don’t Miss a Thing: Quick and Green Ljubljana in the Palm of Your Hand

The free of charge mobile service ‘A to B: Ljubljana’ (‘A to B: LJ’)

The mobile application is available in online stores for both the Android (GooglePlay) and the iOS (iTunes) platform

Ljubljana, Celovška cesta: a typical packed morning, overflown with cars at a standstill, containing no more than one passenger on average. Attention though, this only applies to stationary cars. Everything else rushes on: from buses to cyclists and people on foot. If one could say that yesterday the quickest way to get from the outskirts of Ljubljana to the city centre was by car, then this is no longer true today. When you finally arrive in the centre, you still have to get your head around finding a parking space, whereas with other modes of mobility, you have already reached your destination.

As a result, the only other thing that we need today to help us in making the wise choice of planning a quick and green route through Ljubljana is the ‘A to B: LJ’ mobile application. The mobile application combines three forms of sustainable transport in the city of Ljubljana: cycling (BicikeLJ – the city’s rent-a-bike system), buses (Ljubljana Passenger Transport – LPP), and walking.

Or, as the jury (composed of Roger Black, Anette Lenz, Alice Twemlow, Oliver Reichenstein, and Nedjeljko Špoljar) for the Brumen Awards in the category of mobile and web applications at the 6th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications wrote:

“A well-designed app for smartphones that is not just packed with content, but an app in the true sense of the word. This is an interactive city guide, based on a standard database of maps. It also shows the current public transport timetables in the interactive route search, including the self-service bicycle hire stations. The design is clear and very usable.”

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The background of the ‘A to B: LJ’ project

The conceptual design of the mobile application was produced in the “Designing an agenda, or, how to avoid solving problems that aren’t” service and information design creative camp that took place in April 2013 and was organized by the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) and the Pekinpah Association.

The first test version of the application for iOS was presented at the ‘European Mobility Week’ in September 2013. This time, the pilot version developed for the iOS platform is joined by a mobile application developed and upgraded for the Android platform.

Join us on a quick and green journey!

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